5 proven ways to get Instagram followers fast

We are living in a century full of innovative people coming up every day with innovative ideas. People today are filled with passion and zeal to do their favorite job and earn money. Several models, actors, bloggers etc. have created a difference by gaining a large number of Instagram followers. Gaining Instagram followers is not easy but people today have come up with various methods of how they can increase their followers. This starts by posting fresh content every now and then to even buying Instagram followers for yourself.

Here are a few ways to gain Instagram followers on your profile.

1. Use hashtags in a creative way:
One thing that everybody loves about Instagram is the hashtags. When you are working with a photo on Instagram, do not just normalize your posts or pictures with one-word hashtag captions. Get creative! Use your imagination. Use funny, outrageous and bold hashtags to make your post different. For example, if you post a picture of your food then don’t just post it with a caption of #food# or #tasty food#. Use captions like #tastyfood#workoutruined#foodisbae# etc. Make your posts interesting and worth a chuckle.

2. Use your BIO URL Wisely
There is no point in having a boring bio. People constantly look for new things in your profile. If you doubt me then ask yourself if you would want to watch same act over and over again. Try to update your bio at least twice a week. Your bio URL is the landscape of your website. Don’t just limit your link to your bio. Take it up a notch. Place your link in such a way that it drives the traffic onto your newest content.

3. Use descriptive captions
We understand that a picture is worth a thousand words but skipping the words entirely is not a good choice. You must be able to tell a story with your captions that are worth reading. National Geographic and Discovery are two Instagram pages that post about wildlife and nature and everything around. NatGeo has 96.1M followers whereas Discovery is just at 6.9M followers. That is because if you check, NatGeo uses captions that are descriptive and best describe the picture. Instead, Discovery just puts 5-6 hashtags in the caption.

4. Monitor where you are getting tagged
It is possible to only get featured in the appropriate and best contents that are generated by users related to you. If you do not want to be featured in some post then you can edit the tags and remove yourself. Or you can hide the picture from your profile itself. The best practice is to get a notification for approval whenever you are getting tagged.

5. Purchase them
You heard it right. Now you can buy Instagram likes and followers in a go to increase the traffic to your Instagram account. If you are someone who knows your talent and are still unable to get too many followers on your page then you can consider buying Instagram likes or buying Instagram followers. There are several sites from which you can buy Instagram followers or you can buy Instagram likes depending upon the package. This way you can popularize your page.
If you want to get more Instagram followers then all of these techniques would help. If none of the four works then you can always consider buying Instagram followers.